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Expansion Ventures, Inc. is a Periodontal Consulting Firm
All of Our Clients are Periodontists

Thank you for visiting our website. We have been consulting specialists since 1985 and have focused on consulting only periodontists for the last 15 years. We know what works in periodontal practice and have proven programs.

Our Periodontal Community & Communication

One of the strong points of our firm is our clients. All of our clients are periodontists in private practice in the US and Canada. Many times what one is experiencing is also occurring with several others. Clients also alert us to periodontal articles, marketing opportunities and new equipment or techniques. Many come up with great ideas and we routinely share what is working for one client with another. All of our clients have exclusivity for their areas so there is no competition.

We Know Periodontal Practice and Are Dedicated to Your Success

Because we specialize in periodontal practice we can provide programs that are uniquely effective for you, a private practicing periodontist.  We have the advantage of in-depth knowledge and experience in helping periodontists succeed.

It Usually Starts with Increasing Referrals

Most periodontists feel comfortable with their management and case presentation skills.  The area needing the most attention is referrals.  There are two problems regarding building referrals.  One is lack of doctor time and the other is having a marketing program that works.  Our marketing programs are proven referral boosters and utilize a team approach, not having the doctor go out and do more lunches. 


Because we help our clients market, we can only take on one periodontist in each area.  If you become a client, you will be given exclusivity for your referral radius.

No Large Up-front Fees

Unlike many dental consulting companies, we do not charge large up-front fees.  Depending on your preference, we have monthly retainers and joint ventures.  In a joint venture, we team up to increase your income.  Together we pick a baseline and, on any month that you collect more than your base, you share a small percentage of the overage with us.  On months below the base, no payment is due.  In the monthly retainer model, you just pay a fixed amount every month.

Our Services
Whatever It Takes to Bring You to the Next Level

We provide a full spectrum of periodontal consulting but tend to focus on income growth in order to give you the best return on your investment.  Our major programs include: referral development, marketing, case acceptance, patient retention, staff productivity and overall management.  To see a full description of our services, please click here.